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Maggie Floyd

Maggie Jackson-Floyd

Director, Supplemental Instruction


Maggie enrolled at UTSA as a first-generation student in 1994 after working for six years in administrative support for the State of Tennessee and USAA. She graduated summa cum laude in 1998 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Legal Studies. In May of 2004 she completed a master’s degree at UTSA in Public Administration. She joined the Tomás Rivera Center in January of 2000 as a Sl Leader for American Politics and developed an unwavering commitment to the power of peer collaboration as a catalyst for learning and personal growth.

“As a student at UTSA, I developed my most effective study strategies when I had opportunities to participate in study groups. I feel very fortunate now to be part of a team of exceptional people dedicated to providing quality study groups on campus.”