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The Math Assistance Program (MAP) provides students enrolled in Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1 the opportunity to attend a number of tutor facilitated, course specific study sessions each week.

What is the Math Assisstance Program (MAP)?

Are you enrolled in MAT 1093 or 1214? Then MAP is for you!

The Math Assistance Program provides structured study sessions to targeted math courses, providing a collaborative learning environment between the Math course & the MAP session. Sessions are open to all students enrolled in the course, no matter the section and are held several times during the week. MAP tutors can be assigned to specific sections to attend and market the program to.

During sessions, MAP tutors review course materials concentrating on the processes of the problems. Graded homework and take-home tests are not be touched.


  • All sessions are FREE!
  • Tutors will attend specific classes of MAT 1093 or 1214.
  • In MAP, tutors have three (3) fifty (50) minute sessions a week. Tutors explore the material from that week’s class to help us make sure that you are on the right track.
  • A MAP session is not a cram session. You can’t just attend the day before a test and expect to understand everything. Instead, we start reviewing from Day 1.
  • All sessions are held in the Q Lab, JPL 2.01.12.
  • Currently sessions are offered to those enrolled in Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1.

MAP Session Time

Note: MAP is not offered during the Summer Semester.

MAP Sessions:

Last updated 08/10/2018


MAT 1093
DayTimeLocationMAP Tutor
Monday2:00 - 2:50pJPL 2.01.20Daniel
Wednesday1:00 - 1:50pJPL 2.01.20Daniel
Friday11:00 - 11:50pJPL 2.01.20Daniel
Tuesday12:00 - 1:00pJPL 2.01.12


Introduction to Mathematics

MAT 1214
DayTimeLocationMAP Tutor
Monday JPL 2.01.20
Wednesday JPL 2.01.20
Friday JPL 2.01.20
Monday JPL 2.01.12


For more information, please contact the Tutoring Center or Tutoring Services at:
Main Campus | JPL 2.01.12 | 210-458-6783 | Downtown Campus | DB 2.114 | 210-458-2838