Joe Izbrand

Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing, Chief Communications Officer

Email: joe.izbrand@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-8754
Mobile: 210-827-6525



Christi Fish

Executive Director of University Communications

Email: christi.fish@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5141
Mobile: 210-410-8874


Courtney Clevenger

Assistant Director of University Communications

Email: courtney.clevenger@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5181
Mobile: 210-238-9370


Haylee Young

Social Media Specialist II

Email: haylee.uptergrove@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5116
Mobile: 361-947-2238

Media Relations


Kara Soria

Public Affairs Specialist III

Email: kara.soria@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7495


  • College of Education and Human Development
  • College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Honors College


Ingrid Wright

Public Affairs Specialist III

Email: ingrid.wright@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6708


  • College of Business
  • College of Public Policy
  • College of Architecture, Construction and Planning


Milady Nazir

Public Affairs Specialist III

Email: milady.nazir@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-2087


  • College of Engineering
  • College of Sciences
  • University College

Editorial & Internal Communications


Michael Edwards

Managing Editor

Email: michael.edwards2@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6155


Pamela Lutrell

Associate Director

Email: pamela.lutrell@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6577


Shea Conner

Associate Editor

Email: shea.conner@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6183



Brett Calvert

Executive Director of Marketing

Email: brett.calvert@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6160


Joan Duncan

Project Manager

Email: joan.duncan@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6673


Erin Moring

Marketing Manager

Email: erin.moring@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6656

Web Services


Shashi Pinheiro

Associate Director of Web Services

Email: shashi.pinheiro@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6466


Eric Ramirez


Email: eric.ramirez1@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6013


Josephine Medel

Web Developer

Email: josephine.medel@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5945

Creative and Video Services


Mitzi Shipley

Associate Director of Creative Services

Email: mitzi.shipley@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5784


Emanuel Rodriguez

Senior Designer

Email: emanuel.rodriguez@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6398


Maria Castro

Multimedia Designer II

Email: maria.castro2@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6266


David Deering


Email: david.deering@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-3133

Enrique Zarate

Enrique Zarate

Multimedia Manager

Email: enrique.zarate@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-4937

Photo Services

Enrique Zarate

Mark McClendon

Photographer III

Email: mark.mcclendon@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-4515

Administrative Support

Enrique Zarate

Lynette Guillory

Administrative Services Officer I

Email: lynette.guillory@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7538

Enrique Zarate

Carol Hogan Kindred

Senior Administrative Associate

Email: carol.kindred@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6043