What We Manage

Trademark Licensing

University Communications and Marketing manages the use of all of the institutional university logos.


Licensing is vital to ensuring the appropriate promotion of UTSA. We monitor the correct usage of UTSA's brand by those within and outside the university.

UTSA products can be made only by companies/licensees who are under contract with the university's licensing agent, Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) Inc. A large number of licensees work with UTSA to offer a multitude of products for campus and retailers. ( See current list of UTSA licensees)

University Communications and Marketing partners with the Office of Trademark Licensing at UT Austin to manage and monitor the use of UTSA’s intellectual property, ensure brand awareness and protect the university's trademarks.


Campus departments and student organizations frequently request the use of university logos when they purchase merchandise for promotions or events.

Because each of these items acts as an extension of the university’s brand or image, we have created specific guidelines that ensure the appropriate use of UTSA’s logo.

Only campus departments and student organizations that are recognized by the UTSA Student Activities Office are allowed to use UTSA trademarks in conjunction with their name.


We ensure that the university puts forth a consistent look and message in all mediums including print, online and broadcast.

By using the UTSA Brand Identity Guide, university personnel can ensure that their materials meet the graphic standards that have been set forth.


We develop and implement marketing strategy for UTSA’s advertising campaigns. Our services also include media planning, buying, placement and trafficking of all spots through various media outlets.

Any requests for information or guidance should be directed to mktg-group@utsa.edu.

Market Research

We believe in the ability of market research to provide strategic guidance and ensure that we stay on-track and on-message. By using marketing research, we can measure the success of our marketing activities.