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Stationery items play an important role in communicating a consistent image. Proper use of the corporate identity elements and adherence to these guidelines will ensure consistency among all administrative units and convey the desired university visual identification.

The printing of stationery for use by offices of The University of Texas at San Antonio should be governed by the following:

  • Only administrative offices, academic departments and established centers that have been approved through appropriate administrative channels may have their own stationery.
  • The names of individuals may not be included in the text of stationery printed at state expense. However, the names of individual faculty and administrative officials and, as appropriate, endowed position title, office telephone number, fax number and e-mail address may be added by means of laser printer or other printing technology to official stationery as the stationery is being used. The format design for this information is described below. Stationery not printed at state expense may include this individual information in the printed text, but avoid preparing large quantities of stock that may become obsolete.
  • The basic format for all stationery used by university offices shall be the design adopted in this document.