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Licensing is vital to the appropriate promotion of the university, monitoring use of marks and association by others with UTSA.

UTSA products can be made only by companies/licensees who are under contract with the university’s licensing agent, CLC (formerly known as Learfield IMG College). A large number of licensees work with UTSA to offer a multitude of products for campus and retailers. 

UTSA’s licensees save campus department’s time, effort, and money because of their expertise in dealing with licensing matters, often taking care of approvals and other details for you. If you have questions about which products are royalty bearing, contact the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing at 512-475-7923 or visit

Why Licensing is Required

There are three reasons The University of Texas at San Antonio has a trademark licensing program:

  • Protection
  • Promotion
  • Profit

What Licensees Do


  • Pay for the right to produce UTSA merchandise
  • Carry appropriate liability insurance naming UTSA an additional insured
  • Are familiar with university policies concerning appropriate use of trademarks
  • Can usually create designs upon request
  • Contact the Office of Trademark Licensing with questions concerning a product or marks
  • Obtain design approval from University Communications and Marketing

What has to be licensed?

Any product bearing The University of Texas at San Antonio marks must be produced only by licensees. Printed materials such as brochures, pamphlets, stationery, note cards and banners do not require licensing, but do require the approval of University Communications and Marketing. However, if any of these printed materials will be sold, such as a t-shirt or mug, the product must comply with UT System licensing policies and the vendor must be licensed through CLC.

Becoming a UTSA Licensee

Vendors interested in becoming an approved UTSA licensee must follow the steps indicated by the Office of Brand, Trademarks and  Licensing or go to and follow the appropriate steps outlined.

Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions about Licensing and Trademarks.