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Campus departments and student organizations frequently purchase merchandise that include university trademarks for promotions or events.

Requests can include lapel pins, cups, mugs, hats, apparel, bags, umbrellas, coasters, photo frames, and many other items. Each of these items is an extension of the university’s brand or image. Just as there are branding guidelines for printing purposes, similar policies hold true for The University of Texas at San Antonio merchandise.

Because the use of The University of Texas at San Antonio’s name or other UTSA trademarks with an organization name implies association with the university, only campus departments and student organizations that are recognized by the STUDENT ACTIVITIES are allowed to use UTSA trademarks in conjunction with their name.

Obtaining Art and Approvals

As part of the UT System, UTSA works in conjunction with the Office of Trademark Licensing at UT Austin to manage and monitor the use of UTSA’s valuable intellectual property.Offices and departments must use a licensed vendor when purchasing merchandise that include
university trademarks.

  • There are a variety of licensed manufacturers available to assist your production needs including many in-state and locally licensed companies. Licensee lists can be found at:
  • Send your desired artwork to a licensee or ask the licensee to assist in designing a look for you. The licensee will submit your design to the UT Systems’ Office of Trademark Licensing for approval and remit royalties to the university’s licensing agent should that be necessary. You do not need to worry about these steps.
  • If you cannot find a manufacturer who offers the product you want or if you need assistance, call the Office of Trademark Licensing at 512-475-7923 or visit You may also contact University Communications and Marketing for assistance.

Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions about Licensing and Trademarks.