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Academic Subbrand Logos

To further show the relationship among the departments, colleges and university, the university wordmark should always appear conspicuously on all college and departmental communications.

Independent logos for university-supported units, departments, colleges and schools are not approved for publication or merchandise use.

By aligning the college and academic department’s logo, the college will be able to visually show the relationship between the two organizations. Departments must appear in hierarchical format in logos and letterheads.


The wordmark may be positioned left, right, or centered depending on the need.


Spacing and size of the academic subbrand logos are specific and should not be edited. They should never be redrawn, changed, stacked or positioned in any way that violates the standards established in this guide.




Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions about the use of logos.

Need UTSA Logos and Wordmarks?  Contact University Communications and Marketing and submit your request.