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Blue and orange are the official colors of the university. Our colors are a distinguishing feature of our identity.

main colors

Printing Colors

Colors can be printed either with PMS colors or through a 4-color (CMYK) process. Most often, you will be sending files to a vendor with CMYK values. Please use the corresponding CMYK values as opposed to having the vendor (or design software) auto convert your PMS into CMYK. Auto converting or relying on vendors may result in the wrong CMYK formulas. Please note, there is no need to convert CMYK, RGB, or HEX for uncoated printing. You only need to worry about uncoated if you are printing with PMS colors.

On Screen Colors

When creating files to pe placed on a website or social media, files should be in RGB. You can also use the HEX colors for HTML elements.

Using UTSA Logos

When reproduced in color, the wordmark should always appear in UTSA's signature color, blue (PMS 289), orange (PMS 1665), white or black. The logo should never be represented in any colors other than UTSA colors.

Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions about the use of logos.

Need UTSA Logos and Wordmarks?  Contact University Communications and Marketing and submit your request.