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University Name

The consistent use of "The University of Texas at San Antonio" name plays a critical part in the university’s identity.

By using the official name of the university, we build greater recognition not only throughout the state, but worldwide. The recommended designations for the university are:

  • Formal and first reference—The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Second reference—UTSA

When used in copy, the complete name "The University of Texas at San Antonio" should be used on first reference. Thereafter, "UTSA" may be used.

When referencing the university, consider the audience of the publication. Internal audiences are familiar with the acronym "UTSA" so it may be used more frequently. For external audiences that may be less familiar with the acronym, use "UTSA" sparingly. The formal name of the university must be on all legal documents as well as university publications.

In running copy, capitalize the word "The" when referencing the full name of the university. DO NOT capitalize "university" when it stands alone. Capitalize it only when it’s being used as part of the proper name: The University of Texas at San Antonio.

When employed in a graphic context, the wordmark for the university should be used.

  • "The" must be capitalized when writing out the university name in all instances.
  • Do not say Texas-San Antonio or UT-San Antonio