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Roadrunner Graphic

In addition to the UTSA wordmark and signature, the university is represented by the Roadrunner, pursuant to the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Section 4.22. The Roadrunner is the official mascot of UTSA.

“Rowdy” the Roadrunner
These representations of Rowdy are authorized for use university-wide and are not limited to Athletics use. However, “Rowdy” the Roadrunner cannot be combined with office or department logos. For example, a t-shirt with an official UTSA office logo on the left or right chest may use the Rowdy head on the sleeve or nape of a shirt. (see example below.) Additionally, when used separately, the representations of Rowdy must be used unedited, undistorted and independently from any other image.

The Roadrunner may be used by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, which works closely with student organizations, subject to review and approval by the Office of Student Activities.


The University will grant waivers for organizations to alter the trademarked Rowdy for limited use around specific events and causes, for example military appreciation or for Pride month. Any use of altered marks requires prior approval from UT System and University Marketing.


Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions about the use of logos.

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