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Getting Started

Account administration

When setting up a new social media site, create a new group email account to use during the sign-up process. Group email accounts can be requested from OIT through ASAP and the accounts can be formatted so the inbox is accessible to several individuals in your office.

Each social media channel you develop should have more than one administrator listed in the account settings. This is particularly helpful if one account administrator leaves the university. Otherwise, keep passwords and login information confidential for all of your social media channels.

Set up the account

Identify who you are and post your contact information on the social media site. Depending on the social media platform you are using and the purpose of the site, you can choose to provide your name, department name or organization name. (See naming conventions below.) Link the social media channel to your department’s UTSA website. When setting up an official site, clearly state that it is the official site for your department or organization.

Post a disclaimer on your site stating you reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments and images. Promptly remove comments and/or images containing vulgar language, those that attack a group or individual, those meant to advertise a product or service, and those that are obviously spam.

Naming conventions

Use UTSA as part of your profile name (e.g., UTSA Graduate School or UTSA English). Consider informal or shorter names for your department such as UTSA Parking instead of Business Auxiliary Services. Keep in mind the way your name will be perceived by those outside UTSA. Choose a name that clearly demonstrates the mission of your area to those who are unfamiliar with the university.

Student organizations must follow naming convention policies stated in the Student Organization Handbook. Registered student organizations should use their organization name at UTSA (e.g., The Movement at UTSA). Only sponsored student organizations should use UTSA at the beginning of their organization name (e.g., UTSA SGA).

Profile graphics

Use a profile graphic that demonstrates a connection to UTSA. University departments are encouraged to use the official UTSA wordmark as their profile graphic. Download the UTSA wordmark here. Note that the Athletics wordmark is for Athletics use only.

UTSA wordmark

UTSA wordmark

Athletic wordmark

Athletic wordmark (for Athletic use only)

Registered student organizations may not use the UTSA wordmark or other university marks or logos.

Do you have an official UTSA social media channel to share? Email us at to have your feed added to our social media directory.

Questions or comments? Email or contact University Communications at 210-458-4550.