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Block Schedules

In fall, FYE offers first-year students a block schedule. A block schedule is a pre-set schedule that includes AIS and two other courses in an academic studies. First-year students can opt to select a block in their academic studies.

Enrolling in a block schedule allows first-year students to meet peers who share similar interests; have a built-in study group and support network; and complete classes that apply to their major.

This is an example of a block schedule for a Pre-Business major in Business Studies. The student plans to enroll in the Business Studies 5 block schedule. Here are the courses in that block:

Your first registration may seem a little complicated because you want to be sure you choose the right courses to move forward to graduation. Block scheduling creates a set of classes based on your Academic Studies. Only incoming freshmen who participate in FYE are eligible to enroll in a block schedule.

Click on your Academic Studies to find a block schedule that works for you.

  • Benefits of Block Schedules Include:

    • Simplifies the registration process.
    • Ensures you are taking the courses for your academic program.
    • Offers the best opportunity to register for a full-time schedule that works for you.
    • Creates opportunities to find study partners and make new friends among the students in your block.