Santamaria Lab

One UTSA circle, Department of Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78458 Phone: +1 (210) 458-6910

Oxide and Metal Nanoparticles-The Interface between Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

How Does Aging Affect Biochemical Neuronal Function?

Integrating High Performance Computing in Research and Education for Simulation, Visualization and Real-Time Prediction

NSF DMR-0934218  (co-PI)

UTSA TRAC award (2009-2010)

NSF HDR-0932339  (co-PI)

Grants and awards

The Computational Systems Biology Core builds high-performance computing infrastructure for modeling and simulation of biological systems, live cell imaging, and protein biomarker research.

NIH-RCMI G12MD007591  (Participant/co-director Computational Systems Biology core)

Analyzing Neuronal Activity When Classical Reaction-Diffusion Breaks Down .

NSF EF-1137897   (PI)

US – German Collaboration: “The Effects of Chloride Dynamics in Cerebellar Computation"


NSF IOS-1208029 (PI)

Active grants

Past grants

BRAIN EAGER: Analyzing and modeling power-law behaviors in neuroscience


NSF DBI– 1451032 (PI)

The effects of natural and social behavior on the molecular and electrophysiological properties of the Autistic cerebellum .