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Jessica George


"As a student-athlete at UTSA, you get to experience diversity every day and several different cultures in one place. I think that is a key part of getting a well-rounded education, and UTSA is able to provide that like no other school in the country."
Mauricio Sanchez, junior football player

Jessica George


"In varietate concordia … united in diversity. I was a Latin geek in high school, and this popular motto sums up my personal belief regarding diversity at UTSA—we are connected by our differences. Also, my future goals include designing sustainable water systems for developing areas in the world. Being open to differences in language, customs and beliefs will help me when I pursue my goals."
Jessica George, College of Engineering Ambassador

monks preparing to create the sand mandala


"Diversity is a flexible, evolving process that seeks to promote equity and balanced representation for all groups of people within an organization. Diversity should represent progressive social justice principles and challenge all “isms” that could diminish the human condition or experiences of community members."
Mark Giles, Director of African American Studies

Dianne Hengst


"I am honored to work at a university that values the concept of inclusion and one which is willing to 'walk the walk,' not just 'talk the talk.' Disability Services at UTSA promotes an inclusive community, and we welcome and value individuals and their differences."
Dianne Hengst, Disability Services

Upcoming UTSA Events

Take Back the Night

UTSA Main Campus
April 28, 2016


Other Events

Texas Diversity Council: Statewide Veterans Summit

The Club at Sonterra
San Antonio, Texas
May 25, 2016

President's Message

Ricardo Romo

As a Hispanic serving institution, UTSA embraces and values diversity among all of its students, faculty and staff. In fact, inclusiveness is one of the university’s core values—not only because we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality education, but because we also recognize that our community of scholars is made stronger and richer by those who bring a different perspective to our classrooms, laboratories and offices. For those reasons, I am proud to support the important work and efforts by Provost John Frederick, Associate Provost Lisa Firmin and the entire Diversity Advisory Board to promote diversity across our campuses at UTSA.

Ricardo Romo

About the Associate Provost

Lisa Firmin

Contact Lisa Firmin

Lisa Firmin is the Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Diversity and Recruitment at UTSA. More...


Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty
and Student Diversity and Recruitment

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