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Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning

The Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) system is the degree auditing/checking system within Banner. By running a CAPP Compliance in Banner you can measure a student's progress towards meeting their Degree/Program requirements. CAPP is an advising tool which should be used to help you and your students make decisions about their academic success. CAPP does not replace advising by advisors.

A CAPP plan can be run on a student for any major for any catalog (as indicated below) regardless of their SGASTDN record. CAPP does not require that a student be active or currently enrolled. CAPP only requires that there be Academic History (institution or transfer) in Banner. All CAPP plans take into account courses in progress.

Currently CAPP plans can be run on Banner Desktop (and off the web in ASAP) for all Programs (majors and minors) in the 0406, 0608, 0810, 1012 and 1214 catalogs. Plans can also be run for the Texas-Core for all catalogs.

CAPP Forms

There are 4 main CAPP forms in Banner:

1. SMARQCM - from this form you can run a degree/program plan on a student. On this form you can also access older degree plans and see the results.

2. SMICRLT - Compliance Results. On this form (and others that branch off from it) you can see the results of the degree audit/check.

3. SMACACT - a form that allows you to manage compliances. On this form you can query for a student record and see all of their compliances or see the plans you have requested. From this form you can also purge older and irrelevant compliances.

4. SMASLIB - Adjustments and Substitutions Library. On this form you begin the process of making adjustments nd substitutions to a student's degree plan after approvals have been approved. Several other forms branch off from this one to assist you in this process.