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The UTSA automated registration system through ASAP will screen for designated prerequisites on specific departmental courses offered in Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters. Students are expected to access the prerequisite courses listed in the current catalog, as advertised on ASAP Schedule of Classes, prior to registering for the courses to ensure that prerequisites have been completed appropriately or are currently in progress.

Under the following conditions, students may request permission from academic advisors, department chairs, associate deans, and/or instructors to register without the specified prerequisite in progress, completed, or posted in the UTSA student record system:

  • Students who have prerequisites in progress at other institutions by providing proof of course registration at the other institution.
  • Students who have completed the prerequisite course with a less than required grade and are repeating the prerequisite course (course is “in progress”).
  • Students who have completed the prerequisite course from another institution and the course has not yet been evaluated.
  • Students who have received substitution approvals.
  • Students who do not meet these requirements may be dropped from the requisite courses.

Students who have registered for the requisite courses with the prerequisites currently in progress will be reviewed for satisfactory completion at the end of Fall and Spring Semesters and Summer Terms. If prerequisites are not completed satisfactorily, the requisite registered courses will be deleted from their schedules. Students will be notified of this deletion through their myUTSAmail electronic mail accounts.

Prerequisites that are currently "in progress" : These will be considered as meeting the prerequisite check, and registration into the requisite course will be allowed. However, satisfactory completion of these prerequisites will be checked at end of the term and requisite courses dropped if the prerequisite has not been completed satisfactorily.

Minimum grade requirements of prerequisites : A minimum grade of "D" for the prerequisite course is required except where a higher minimum is stated in the list provided in the catalog.

Courses restricted to majors, note "D":  A certain course may be restricted to certain majors. The system checks for the correct majors before it checks for the prerequisites.

Courses that are registration restricted, note "A, B, or G": Students cannot register for these courses without initial review and approval by the instructor, department or advising center. Therefore, prerequisites will be manually checked during the review process.

Placement tests and credit-by-exams:
Some course prerequisites can be satisfied through placement tests or credit-by-exams. The acceptable scores have been programmed into the registration system for prerequisite checking.  You can review most of these scores through the Web site of the UTSA Testing Center.

Prerequisites of fall semester courses that are taken in the preceding summer term: If the prerequisite is to be taken in the summer, the student must register for it first before registering for the required course for fall.

Completion of prerequisites taken in the summer for a fall registered course : These courses will be checked for satisfactory completion at the end of the summer term and requisite courses dropped if prerequisites not satisfactorily met.


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