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University Assembly Bylaws

Article III


Section 1 – Members

Administrators: President; Vice Presidents; one Dean; Dean of Libraries

Other Ex Officio: President of the Student Government (or designee); Chair of the Faculty Senate; Chair of the Staff Council; Secretary of the General Faculty/Secretary of the University Assembly; Chair/President of the Retired Faculty Association; Chair/President of the Alumni Association

Students: one undergraduate student from each college or school; one student representative from the Graduate Council

Faculty: one tenure track faculty representative from each college or school

Staff: one classified Staff Council member from each executive officer area; one professional Staff Council member (7)

Section 2 – Eligibility

All University of Texas at San Antonio benefits-eligible, Faculty, Administration, Professional and Classified employees are eligible for membership on the University Assembly.All undergraduate Student representatives must be full-time students (12 hours) in good standing with the University. The Graduate Student representative must be enrolled for aminimum of 6 hours and be in good standing with the University. Upon termination, retirement, or graduation, membership in The Assembly will cease.

Section 3 – Terms of Assembly Service

Faculty and staff members of The Assembly shall serve two year terms, except for ex officio members who serve by virtue of their positions. The terms will be linked to even and odd years so that one-half of The Assembly terms begin each year. All student representatives shall serve for one year

Section 4 – Constituent Relations

Assembly members shall be expected to communicate regularly with their constituents.