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University Assembly Bylaws

Article IV


Section 1- Presiding Officer

The President of the University or his or her delegate shall preside over all meetings of the University Assembly.

Section 2- Secretary

The Secretary of the General Faculty shall be ex officio Secretary of the University Assembly with voting rights.The conduct of the election of the Secretary is the responsibility of the Nominating and Elections Committee of the Faculty Senate as defined in the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.The Secretary's duties shall include the following:

  1. The solicitation, preparation, and distribution of agenda items for meetings of the University Assembly. This duty shall be carried out by the Secretary as a member of the Administrative and Agenda Committee of the University Assembly.
  2. The conduct of elections to the University Assembly (within the limits established in these Bylaws and by the University Assembly), the preparation of forms and ballots for the nominations and elections, and the certification of election result.
  3. The acceptance and processing of petitions for presentation to the University Assembly.
  4. The preparation, distribution, and maintenance of records of the University Assembly.
  5. Service as a representative to the UT System Faculty Advisory Council that may call for faculty representation.
  6. The transmittal of actions of the University Assembly to the President for his or her review.
  7. Any other duties assigned by the University Assembly.

Section 3-Parliamentarian

At its first meeting of each academic year, the University Assembly shall elect a Parliamentarian from its membership to serve a term of one year.The Parliamentarian shall rule on points of order with respect to the conduct of meetings.

Section 4 - Term of Office

The term of office for Chair shall be continuous; the term of office for the Secretary of the General Faculty/University Assembly shall be for two years; and, the Parliamentarian shall serve a term of one year.