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University Assembly Bylaws

Article VII

Elections/Appointment of Officers, Representatives and Committees

Section 1 – Executive Committee

With the exception of the Parliamentarian, all members of the Executive committee serve by virtue of their positions.

Section 2 – Parliamentarian

At the first meeting in the Fall Semester, The Assembly shall elect, from among its membership, a Parliamentarian to serve on the Executive Committee.  All nominees must have stated their willingness to serve as Parliamentarian. Elections will be by majority vote of the membership present. All other members of the Executive Committee serve by virtue of their position.

Section 3 – Representatives

All representatives, except those who serve ex officio, shall be elected or appointed according to the by-laws or rules of the organization and constituent group from which they are appointed or elected, as follows: the Faculty Senate, the Deans’ Council, the Graduate Council, the Staff Association, and the Student Government Association.

Section 4 –Standing Committees

All standing committee members (5) shall be nominated by constituent groups and elected by the assembly. Three members of each committee must be Assembly members.