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What does our office do?

The Contracts office receives business contracts in final form and ready for execution. The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System delegated authority to sign contracts on behalf of UTSA to the President of the institution. The President, in turn, delegated this authority with respect to business contracts to the Vice President for Business Affairs and others. Many UTSA business contracts are executed on behalf of the institution by the Associate Vice President for Administration

A contract should be submitted for execution only after it has been accurately prepared and negotiated, and all necessary departmental and VP-area approvals have been received. In addition to providing templates for contract preparation, the Contracts office maintains routing forms that describe the routing requirements for various types of contracts. The contract templates and routing forms are designed to assist departments in preparing the contract and assuring proper routing. The routing requirements are determined by the relevant VP area.

Our goal is to facilitate the execution of each contract in a timely manner, while taking reasonable steps to assure that UTSA complies with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, accepted financial practices and other requirements. We offer guidance documents, standardized training, customized training, and individualized assistance.

Contracts to procure goods or services that are not prepared using one of the contract templates or another previously approved form should be submitted to Purchasing and Distribution Services for handling. Submissions to the purchasing office must be made in accordance with processes established by that department.

Prior to execution, a final review of the proposed contract and supporting documentation is made in an effort to identify and avoid errors, and promote compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements. Executed contracts are maintained in an electronic database for ease of retrieval and for audit purposes.

Executed contracts will be returned to the originating department for further handling, as may be necessary or appropriate, and for department files. It is the originating department’s responsibility to manage performance of the contract, by assuring that UTSA meets its obligations and receives the goods, services and other benefits stipulated under the contract.





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