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Appeal a Citation

Through Campus Services, you have the opportunity to appeal parking and traffic citations issued by UTSA personnel. The appeals process provides an objective review of your citation, and it provides Campus Services Parking an opportunity to evaluate internal processes and the University Parking & Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Submitting an Appeal

If you feel you have received a citation in error, you may file an appeal using the following guidelines:

  • Appeals must be submitted within 14 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. After 14 days you forfeit your right to appeal.
  • The responsible party must file the appeal. Appeals submitted by UTSA departments on behalf of their guests or anyone using a departmental parking permit are not accepted.
  • Payment of the citation prior to submitting the first level appeal or receiving the appeal decision will result in forfeiture of the right to appeal.
  • Appeals are submitted online using the MyParking application. Please have your citation information available.

Appeal Process

Campus Services reviews all submitted first-level appeals. During the review process, Campus Services will:

  • Read the appeal and review the citation information.
  • Review the Parking & Traffic Rules and Regulations relevant to the citation and appeal and any additional information provided (photos, attachments, etc.).
  • Request additional information from the appellant if needed.
  • Render a decision on the appeal.

Appeal Decisions

Once the appellant submits the appeal, Campus Services has 15 business days to render a decision. Campus Services has the option to:

  • Reduce the citation to a warning and waive the fine amount.
  • Uphold the citation but reduce the fine amount. Payment is required.
  • Void the citation.
  • Uphold the citation as written. Payment of the original fine amount is required.

Invalid Grounds for an Appeal

"I admit I was illegally parked, but I was only gone a few minutes."

"I knew it was a no-parking zone, but cars park there all the time and never get ticketed."

"I was using my personal car for university business."

"I didn't know I couldn't park there."

"I was ill and had to use the restroom."

Lack of knowledge of regulations.

Parking for a short period of time.

Unable to find a parking space.

Being late for class.

Displaying wrong permit for the space used.

Failure to display a parking permit.

Failure to obtain a temporary permit.

Not paying attention to posted signage.


Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines.

Second Level Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the decision rendered by Campus Services, you may file a second appeal. Second appeals are final appeals. All second appeals are reviewed by an Appeals Panel comprised of faculty, staff, and students.

To submit a second appeal, you must:

  • Pay the citation.
  • Submit the second appeal within 14 calendar days of the date of the original appeal decision.

The Appeals Panel will make reasonable efforts to review the written appeal within 45 days after the appeal has been submitted.