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Event Parking

Everything that happens on campus begins and ends with one thing — parking! Anyone sponsoring an event on campus is required to coordinate their events with Campus Services to ensure a successful event. We will work closely with each event coordinator to meet their parking needs with the available parking resources.

Weekly Event Listing

Important Event Request Information

  • Requests for event parking MUST be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks before the event.
  • All Event Requests must be submitted via the Event Request Form.
  • Late requests may result in additional costs and Campus Services may be unable to meet the request for services.
  • Final approval for all event parking on campus is the responsibility of Campus Services.
  • Cancellation or changes to events must be made more than 48 hours prior to the event to avoid charges.

Event FAQs

  • Is there a parking permit for guests/visitors that can be purchased in advance?
    A: There are multiple options available to address temporary parking needs of guests and visitors. Primary consideration is the number of parking permits needed. If needed, complete and submit the Special Event Request Form.
  • Where should I direct visitors to park?
    A: It is best to direct your guests to either the Bauerle Road or Ximenes Avenue Garage. These locations are easy to find and offer short-term, hourly rate visitor parking. Departments also have the ability to pay for their visitor’s parking through use of garage parking validation stickers or event cards.
  • How can I ensure my guests know how to use the event cards provided and how can I make sure there are no issues at the time of the arrival?
    A: Campus Services highly recommends the purchase of a parking assistant for all events accommodating 30 or more guests with a swipe card in one of the garage facilities. This will ensure your guests are met with the best customer service and a smooth entry into the facility.
  • Can I trade expiring departmental scratch offs to receive a credit toward valid ones?
    A: You may only do so the first two weeks in August, credits will not be honored if requested outside of these dates.
  • How long can my guest park in the garage with one validation sticker?
    A: Validation stickers are valid for up to 5 hours of parking in Ximenes Ave or Bauerle Rd parking garages. Any additional time beyond 5 hours will require an additional validation sticker or payment at the time of departure.
  • Can I use validation stickers as a guest option at any time?
    A: No, validation stickers require a cashier to be on duty and are not valid for use in the automated pay stations. If your event will end after regular hours of operation, you will need to seek another option such as an event card.
  • Will my event be accommodated if I am unable to meet the requirements of requesting two weeks prior to the event?
    A: We will make every effort to accommodate the needs of late requests. However, late requests may result in additional costs and the inability to provide desired accommodations.
  • What should I do if my event is cancelled?
    A: Please notify Campus Services as soon as possible. Cancellation or changes to events must be made more than 48 hours prior to the event to avoid charges.
  • When is it free to park?
    A: Patrons may park in Employee A, Employee B, and unmarked commuter spaces from 10pm-6am M-Th and from 5pm Friday through 6am the following Monday without risk of receiving a citation, regardless of permit status.
  • Where is bus parking available on campus?
    A: All buses are asked to drop off and relocate to R4 or BK5 if parking all day.

Event Parking Options

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    Scratch-Off Permits

    Cost: $6 each

    • Minimum purchase of 5, any increment thereafter.
    • Billed at time of sale.*
    • Valid for use in the Faculty/Staff “A”, “B” and Commuter spaces if purchased by a department.
    • Single day use by scratching off the correct month and date and displaying by hanging the permit from the rear-view mirror.
    • Not to be distributed or used by university employees or students.
    • *Note: All sales are final

    Event Cards

    Cost: $9 per card per day

    • Provides guest with unlimited in-out access to either of the above parking garages for single or multiple day events/needs
    • Flat rate per day per card.
    • Billed at the time of sale.
    • Use of 30 or more event cards requires the duration of the event be staffed by Campus Services personnel or one of your trained departmental staff.

    Event Signage

    Cost: $25/$40

    • Signs may be used to guide guests to the approved parking area and the event location.
    • Price includes placement and removal.
    • All signage will be provided to the department after the event.
    • Sizes Available: 18” X 24” and 24” X 36”
    • Text available in Black, Blue, Orange, and Red

Garage Validation Code

Cost: $1 per hour

  • May be used during garage hours of operation at a cashier window or any time at a garage automated pay station.
  • Provides departments with flexibility for guests, both expected and unexpected.
  • For use at the Bauerle Road, Ximenes Avenue, and Tobin Avenue Garages.
  • Available in multiples of 10.
  • Account must be set up with Visitor Parking. Billed monthly to department.
  • Charged on use at the rate of $1/hour.

Transportation Special Event Requests

Cost: $80 per hour

  • Daily operation of The Runner is funded by student transportation fees. Student fees may not be used to fund special events. As such, expenses for special events must be paid by the requesting University group or department. Current rate for transportation support is $80/hour.
  • When classes are in session, our ability to support events is limited due to finite resources, to include--but not limited to--staffing and shuttles.
  • If Campus Services is unable to support the requested event, Star Shuttle (210.341.6000), a local shuttle service, may be able to meet your needs.
  • Shuttle Bus Information: Buses are outfitted with a hydraulic wheelchair lift and handrails. Some buses also include a public address system.

Parking Assistants

Cost: $20 per hour

  • Two-hour minimum per event.
  • Parking Assistants control access to certain lots or garages for authorized attendees and provide customer-friendly information to guests.
  • **Campus Services reserves the right to require additional monitoring coverage for large events at the current rate.

Paystation Pin Codes

Cost: $6 per use

  • Pins codes can be requested as an alternative to having your guests pay for parking.
  • A pin code can be used in any of the pay stations around campus for a flat rate per use.
  • These codes are not valid in the Bauerle Road Garage or the Ximenes Garage.
  • Billed only for the number of times used.
  • Space Locations
    • Main Campus

      • Resident Lot 2 (near Roadrunner Café)
      • Bauerle Rd Lot 1 (near Biotechnology Sciences and Engineering and Arts)

      Downtown Campus

      • DTC Parking Garage (numbered spaces only)
      • Monterey Lot

Event Maps

Cost: Varies

  • Electronic custom maps can be created for a coordinated and paid special event.


Cost: $6 per space

  • Parking spaces for events with barricades set in place but not attended for $6 per space.