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Campus Services: Orientation Information

Orientation Checklist

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    • Get Your UTSACard
      During your on-campus orientation, you will visit Campus Services to obtain your UTSACard. If for any reason you do not receive your card during orientation, please visit our office at your earliest convenience. Bring a government-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, military ID, etc.) and your Banner ID number.
    • Why you Need Your UTSACard
      UTSA is a one-card campus and the UTSACard is the primary means of identification for students and staff. The UTSACard grants access to your selected meal plan, Dining Dollars, and Rowdy Dollars. In addition, your UTSACard is used to access residence halls, final exams, athletics events, and more.
    • What to Do if You Lose Your UTSACard
      If you lose your UTSACard, please visit our office for a replacement. While your first UTSACard is free, replacements include a $10 fee charged to your student account.

    The Rowdy Campus Store

    • Buy or Rent Your Textbooks
      The Rowdy Campus Store is the only UTSA-affiliated bookstore. UTSA's professors work closely with the staff to ensure the materials needed for each class are available to students. Textbooks are available to purchase or rent, depending on your needs. The Rowdy Campus Store is located on the UTSA Main Campus in the UC. In addition, the Downtown Campus Bookstore is located in the Buenta Vista Building, and the Spirit of UTSA can be found in the Bauerle Road Garage. Please note that if your classes are on the Main Campus, you will purchase/rent your books through the Main Campus location; if your classes are Downtown, you will purchase/rent your books through the Downtown Campus location.
    • Get Your UTSA Gear
      All UTSA bookstore locations carry UTSA collegiate gear. With a wide range of products, the Rowdy Campus Store is sure to have everything you need to get into the Roadrunner spirit!


    • Order Your Parking Permit
      Parking permits are ordered online through your MyParking account. Remember, a parking permit is required for parking on UTSA campuses. Campus Services offers a wide range of parking permits to suit your needs and budget, including surface permits, garage permits, and evening permits, among others. To learn more about permit types, or to try out the Permit Selection Wizard to help determine which permit best suits you, visit our parking permits webpage.
    • Paying for Your Parking Permit
      The price of your parking permit is not included in your tuition and fees--parking permits require separate payment. A variety of payment options are available: for example, you can pay in full with a credit card, or you can apply the cost of your parking permit to your student account by selecting "tuition/fees" from the drop-down menu.
    • Visitor Parking
      When your family or friends visit you on campus, they'll need a place to park. One option is hourly paid parking, available at a rate of $2.00/hour. To learn more about hourly parking, check out our Visitor Parking webpage. Alternately, you can provide your visitor with a daily scratch-off permit. Your visitor will place the permit on their rearview mirror and park in the designated parking area on the date indicated. For more information on scratch-off permits, visit our parking permits webpage.
    • Should I pay hourly or buy a permit?
      While the initial cost of a permit is higher, hourly parking adds up fast. Not only are parking permits cheaper in the long run, they allow you to spend more time on campus and, depending on the permit you select, offer more options for where you can park. There are numerous parking spaces on campus, many with shuttle service to the heart of campus.

      If you decide that a permit isn't for you, we strongly recommend purchasing a FastPass for easy and convenient access to hourly parking in the Main Campus garages. Learn more here.
    • What to Do if You Get a Citation
      If you receive a citation, you have two options: pay it or appeal it. Find out how to pay your citation by visiting our citation information webpage. If you disagree with your citation or believe it was issued in error, you may file an appeal within 14 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. Learn more about how to file an appeal on our citation appeals webpage.

      Whatever you do, don't ignore your citation: unpaid citations can lead to holds on your account which may prevent you from registering for classes, obtaining your transcripts, and more. If you have any questions about a citation you received, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    The 'Runner

    • Riding The 'Runner
      The 'Runner, UTSA's transportation shuttle service, is available to all UTSA students. Shuttles bring students to the heart of campus from outer parking lots and select nearby apartment complexes.
    • Schedules and Routes
      Schedules and routes are posted at every 'Runner shuttle stop. For more information, visit The 'Runner webpage. For up to date information on delays, traffic advisories, and more, follow @UTSATheRunner on Twitter.
    • Download the App
      Want to know where your shuttle is? Download the 'Runner GPS app! Track your shuttle as it travels its route, monitor pick-up times and delays, and more. The app launches this Fall - stay tuned!

    UTSA Dining and Meal Plans

    • Meal Plan Options and Requirements
      UTSA Dining offers a variety of meal plans to suit your needs and budget. To learn more about meal plan options and prices, please click here.

      All students who reside in Laurel Village, Chaparral Village, Alvarez Hall, or Chisholm Hall with 48 or fewer completed semester credit hours are required to purchase a meal plan. Students residing in University Oaks may purchase a meal plan, but it is not required.
    • Sign Up for Your Meal Plan
      Login to your ASAP account and complete the Meal Plan application located under the ‘Student Services’ tab.
    • Meal Plan Terms to Know
      Meal Swipe: A meal swipe is an entrance to the Roadrunner Cafe. Many meal plan options include an unlimited number of meal swipes (Access 7 and Access 5 plans). Some plans (Block 1 and Block 2 plans) include a set number of meals per semester. In addition to meal swipes, some plans include meal trades...

      Meal Trade: A meal trade allows you to "trade" one meal swipe at the Roadrunner Cafe for a $5.00 credit at another UTSA dining location on campus (Subway, Panda Express, etc.). If your transaction exceeds the $5.00 credit limit, you must provide payment for the overage via Dining Dollars, cash, or credit card. If your transaction total is under the $5.00 credit, you forfeit the remaining balance. The number of meal trades is reset every Monday and does not roll over from week to week.

      Meal Period: UTSA Dining offers 4 meal periods each day: Breakfast (7am-11:30am), Lunch (11:30am-3:30pm), Dinner (3:30pm-8:30pm), and Late Night (8:30pm-2:00am). During these meal periods, meal trades can only be used once. In addition, meal swipes and meal trades cannot be used during the same meal period: once you use a meal swipe, you cannot use a meal trade until the next period and vice versa.

      Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are included with select meal plans and are available to use at any UTSA dining location. Unused Dining Dollars remaining at the end of the Fall semester will roll over for use during the Spring semester; however, unused Dining Dollars at the end of the Spring semester do not roll over and are forfeited. If you run low, additional Dining Dollars can be added during the semester.
    • Deadline to Make Changes to Your Meal Plan
      Census Date: Census Date, the 12th class day of the semester, is your deadline to make changes to your meal plan selection. After 5:00pm on the Census Date, changes can no longer be made to your meal plan contract for that semester.

      Contract Terms: Remember, meal plans are Fall/Spring contracts with UTSA. This means you agree to be a meal plan holder for the Fall and Spring semester. If at the end of the Fall semester you wish to make changes to your meal plan, you may do so before the Spring Census Date, but you may not cancel your meal plan at that time. Cancellation for convenience (i.e. cancelling your meal plan for any reason other than graduation/withdrawal/transfer, change in housing, or a medical reason) is only available prior to the Fall semester Census Date and only for students not required by their housing contract to have a meal plan. Meal plans may only be cancelled in the Spring semester if you did not have a meal plan the preceding Fall semester. More information is available on the Meal Plan Cancellation form.
    • The Roadrunner Cafe
      The Roadrunner Café is UTSA’s main dining hall. A 500-seat, all you care to eat facility, the Roadrunner Cafe offers a variety of dining stations. Menus for the 8 different stations rotate on a 4-week schedule, ensuring you have plenty of dining choices during your stay on campus.
    • Grab and Go Dining Locations
      If a faster dining option is more to your liking, UTSA Dining offers various other locations around campus, including national restaurants. For a comprehensive list of locations, visit UTSA Dining’s website.


    • Vending Options on Campus
      For the fastest snack options available on campus, check out one of our many vending machines offering a wide variety of snacks and beverages. Pay with cash or credit--select machines even accept Rowdy Dollars. To learn more about vending, click here.