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Parking Updates

    Campus Services Policy changes (not stated explicitly in Rules and Regulations)

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      First Time Warning

      For Parking without a permit, if vehicle has no previous citation history.

      Second Ticket Fine Amount Reduced - $100 to $25

      Additionally, this citation may be reduced to a warning if appealed and parking permit purchased within 14 days.

    Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations updates

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    Section I: General Provisions

      University Affiliates
      Clarified language to eliminate confusion related to citation responsibility. Individuals who have been affiliated with UTSA in the last year, are responsible for citations related to their accounts.

      Collection Methods
      Allowed individuals to purchase permits (preventing future citations) even though they may have current citations, until the point they become subject to immobilization.

      Weekend/Evening Parking
      Employee A & B and Commuter – No parking permit required

      Monday – Thursday 10pm – 6am & Friday 5pm – Monday 6am

    Section IV: Parking Regulations

      Visitor Parking
      Clarified the definition of Official Visitor to ensure consistency.

      Disabled Parking
      Clarified language regarding disabled parking inside garages, particularly that parking in disabled pay stall spaces in the DTC garage requires payment of the hourly rate.

      Semester Intersession
      Expanded the parking options during semester intersessions and university approved holidays to include Resident and Commuter Spaces.

    Section V: Parking Permits

      Wellness Permit
      Clarified language to eliminate confusion related to the Wellness Permit.

      Retiree/Disabled Veteran Permits
      Clarified language to eliminate confusion related to Retiree and Disabled Veteran permits. These permits are issued at no charge and the value of the no charge permit cannot be transferred or refunded.

      Allowed members of the registered carpool to use a parking permit interchangeably, provided that only one vehicle is parked on campus at a time. For multiple vehicles parked at the same time – scratch-off permits provided at no charge through existing.

    Section VI: Enforcement

      Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment
      Provided a longer timeframe for a customer to pay a citation before the single violation would make the vehicle eligible for immobilization. Changing from 120 days to 1 calendar year provides an easier way for customers to calculate their deadline.