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Campus Services Projects

In Progress

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Ximenes Avenue Garage Signage

In an effort to improve communication and directional information for campus visitors and permit holders, Campus Services will add and replace existing signage in the Ximenes Avenue Garage. Initial stages of this project were completed in August 2017 with additional signs coming in the fall 2017 semester.

Estimated completion of project: December 2017


New project details coming soon.


Roadrunner Cafe Refresh

Campus Services and UTSA Dining will refresh the Roadrunner Cafe with new paint colors, tile walls, and updated tables and chairs.

Estimated completion of project: September 2017


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North Paseo Building POD
Grab a snack at the new Provisions on Demand in the North Paseo Building! Located on the first floor near the elevators, this previously empty space now offers an assortment of freshly prepared grab-n-go meals, hot and cold beverages, and salty snacks. The newest POD joins our existing locations in the McKinney Humanities Building, the Main Building, the Flawn Science Building, and the Roadrunner Café.

Completed: January 2016

Loyalty Cards at Starbucks
Campus Services is proud to bring you loyalty points at campus Starbucks’. Patrons may now use and accumulate Starbucks loyalty points on-campus, just like they do off-campus.

Completed: January 2016

Roadrunner Cafe Dish Carousel
During the 2015 winter break, crews replaced the dish carousel at the Roadrunner Café. Patrons will notice the shiny new appearance, while UTSA Dining will appreciate the increased functionality and usability.

Completed: January 2016

Chip Reader Installation on Food Point-of-Sale Registers
In conjunction with the PCI requirements for credit card security, Campus Services installed chip readers on all Point-of-Sale registers in dining areas.

Completed: March 2016

JPL Food Court Renovation

Campus Services brought new venues, including Greens-To-Go and a Provisions on Demand, to the JPL food court. Along with new venues, patrons have increased seating and improved lighting throughout the food court.

Completed: August 2016

JPL Food Court: Steak 'n Shake

Steak 'n Shake brings its iconic Steakburger, along with delicious milkshakes and breakfast items, to campus in the newly renovated JPL food court.

Completed: 2016-17 Academic Year

Monterey Cafe

Campus Services will update the space currently known as the Monterey Café during summer 2016. Vending will move to the back of the room, the selection of grab & go options will expand, and the cabinetry will be replaced with something more modern. Flooring and paint color will be updated, as well as seating.

Completed: 2016-2017 Academic Year


Motorcycle Parking in BR2
As part of the Bauerle Road improvement project, Campus Services created additional motorcycle spaces in Bauerle Road Lot 2.

Completed: January 2016

Scheduled Lot Maintenance

Campus Services improved space markings in parking lots during the Summer 2016 semester, including work in Resident Lots 1 & 2, Bauerle Road Lots 1 & 2, and more. Maintenance was scheduled on the following dates, though please note some dates were affected by inclement weather.

  • Resident Lot 1 - seal coat and striping: May 20 - 22, 2016
  • Resident Lot 2 - seal coat and striping: May 24 - 28, 2016
  • Bauerle Road Lot 1 - seal coat and striping: May 31 - June 4, 2016
  • Bauerle Road Lot 2 - seal coat and striping: June 6 - 7, 2016
  • Ford Lot - striping: June 8 - 9, 2016

Completed: Summer 2016

BRG/XAG/TAG Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Campus Services will install Radio Frequency Identification on all controlled access parking structure entry and exit gates. This new technology allows garage patrons access to and from parking facilities without swiping their permits.

Completed: Summer 2016

Tobin Avenue Garage Gates

Campus Services installed access gates on each entry and exit point of the Tobin Avenue Garage (TAG) for controlled access consistent with the operation of other campus garages. Gates restrict access to permit holders and paid short term hourly parking.

Completed: October 2016

Downtown Campus Garage Signage

In an effort to improve communication and directional information for campus visitors and permit holders alike, Campus Services added and replaced existing signage in the Downtown Campus Garage.

Completed: October 2016

Tobin Avenue Garage Entrance/Exit Curbs

Campus Services adjusted curbs at the entrances and exits of the Tobin Avenue Garage to smooth and lower the cement, making them easier for drivers to navigate.

Completed: June 2017

New parking lots available for Fall 2017

Crews began work on two new parking lots that will create additional spaces for UTSA students, faculty, staff and guests. Click here to read more.

Completed: Summer 2017

Parking space reallocation

In conjunction with the new Resident Lot 4 and Devine Lot, Campus Services will reallocate existing spaces across the Main Campus to best accommodate the UTSA community. View the 2017-18 parking map for a preview of the new parking layout.

Completed: Summer 2017


Ford Lot Bus Shelter

Campus Services recently completed construction of a bus shelter at the existing Ford Lot shuttle stop, the only shuttle stop on campus that remained uncovered. The design of the new shelter is similar to the one located in the Campus Oval and will provide protection from the elements for students waiting at the stop.

Completed: February 2016

The 'Runner GPS

Campus Services will install GPS tracking capability on every ‘Runner shuttle bus. This service allows students to track their bus and know exactly when it will arrive at the bus stop.

Completed: Fall 2016


Upgrade to Select PepsiCo Vending Machines
During the 2015 winter break, PepsiCo upgraded select vending machines to a new digital system to improve credit card and UTSACard functionality. This new system also allows remote monitoring of item quantity.

Completed: January 2016