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The Race is On

State Legislature defines Tier One criteria for UTSA success.

Energy in Education

Valero exec Clay Killinger says what's good for UTSA is good for San Antonio.

The Big Picture

Sombrilla takes a peek into the future and the new Campus Master Plan. What does the future hold?

The Smallest Detail

A gift of a second-generation aberration-corrected electron model helps propel UTSA to the forefront in microscopy.

Look Who's 40

Explore an interactive stroll down memory lane as Sombrilla celebrates 40 years of existence in 2009.


What do I do when I get to a legislative office?

  • Identify yourself. Tell them you are an UTSA alumnus/student and are in Austin for UTSA Legislative Day.
  • Sign the guest book thank them for their support for UTSA.
  • When you speak to the legislator. If it's your local Senator or Representative, make sure they know you are a constituent who resides in the district
  • Meet with chief of staff or aide in charge of education issues if legislator is busy. These people are important and will relay the information to the legislator.
  • Focus your discussion on the two major legislative issues listed in your packet. Be brief and to the point. If they need more information than you are able to provide, tell them that you will ask someone to get back with them.

Are there any other tips I should know?

  • Be Patient. It isn't uncommon for a legislator to be detained because of constant demands on his/her schedule.
  • Be a Good Listener. It's important to the legislator to have his/her view heard. Their comments and questions should provide insight for follow-up materials. View the meeting as an exchange of thoughts and information.
  • Be Responsive. Express to the member your willingness to get more information if he/she expresses interest or asks questions you are not prepared to answer.
  • Be Appreciative. Keep a friendly tone during the meeting. Recognize the contributions the Legislature has made in the past two sessions. Emphasize the importance of sustaining that momentum.