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Board Members


Sarah Altman

I am a senior chemistry major with a love for chemistry. My passion for chemistry has begun to merge into an interest in medicine. Learning about how chemistry can be applied to humans is of great interest to me. Chemistry has always been my favorite class and I especially love organic chemistry. I hope to get more people interested in the sciences and to give students the resources they need to be successful in applying for careers in the sciences. I love music ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s and I also enjoy going to art/science museums and painting and drawing with ink.

Vice President

Elizabeth Garcia

I am the Vice President of the Chemistry Society and I look forward to getting to know everyone and participating in different events. I am a chemistry major that absolutely loves everything chemistry. I really enjoy going on runs in nature, taking pictures of nature, jamming to music, and also going out to eat at different restaurants. I hope to use my degree to work in the petroleum industry and potentially further my education.



Kristen Stanley

My name is Kristen and I am a chemistry major. I am the treasurer and the chair for fundraising for the Chemistry Society. In my spare time I enjoy reading and writing.

Public Relations

Eddy Ramos

I'm a senior chemistry major who is also pursuing a minor in mathematics! I decided to major in chemistry because there is so much to learn and do! My goal is to earn a graduate degree in chemistry and eventually help out with researching methods of implementing renewable energy on a wide scale. My hobbies include reading books, playing music, and eating at new restaurants.

Demonstrations Officer

Angela Castillo

I'm Angela, and I am a senior working towards a degree in biochemistry. I started my collegiate career with an indifference towards chemistry, but I developed a love towards organic chemistry. As a visual learner, the experiments and mechanisms made the material easier to understand. As the demos officer, I look forward to sharing interesting chemistry with the community and fellow members, for demonstrations and visualization can get others excited about the chemistry and STEM as a whole.



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