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About the Department

Department Chair - Dr. Waldemar Gorski


The Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at San Antonio is a comprehensive academic unit that offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science (certified by the American Chemical Society), Master of Science, and Doctoral degrees.

Our faculty members conduct research in a variety of areas including Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Bioanalytical Chemistry; Bioinorganic Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Organocatalysis; Materials Chemistry; Computational and Theoretical Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Electrochemistry; and Medicinal Chemistry.

Our alumni are accepted to top graduate programs and are highly recruited by employers. Our graduate students advance on to successful professional careers. We invite you to browse our website and visit the faculty pages to learn more about our programs and exciting research.


Mission Statement

The Department is committed to providing a high-quality chemistry education to all students, including the next generation of chemists and a chemically literate populace. In addition to the basic knowledge of chemical systems and methods, emphasis will be placed on the development of the skills needed by scientists, such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the ability to learn and work independently. The programs of study will be designed to facilitate efficient completion of a degree, insofar as possible.

The Department is committed to carrying out chemical research and interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of science in order to increase the base of fundamental knowledge. The research will include the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students. The development of local, national, and international collaborations will be encouraged.

The Department is committed to providing an open, fair, and accepting environment for all students, faculty and staff.