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Harry Wellington Jarrett III, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Office: BSE 1.104G
Phone: (210) 458-7053

Areas of Specialization

» Muscular Dystrophy and signal transduction
» Transcription factor purification


Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Nutrition; University of North Carolina
B.S. in Biology; University of South Carolina


Research Interests

Signal transduction, and more specifically the role of Ca2+ and its receptor protein, calmodulin, in cellular regulation
We have shown that dystrophin, the protein product of the Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene locus, is a specific calmodulin-binding protein and discovered a signal transduction pathway, which links laminin-α-dystroglycan-β-dystroglycan-dystrophin-syntrophin-Grb2-Sos1-Rac1-PAK1-MKK4/7-JNK, causing c-jun phosphorylation and activation.
This work is supported by National Institutes of Health grant 1R01AR051440.

Transcription factor purification and characterization
We first coupled DNA to HPLC silica and have made a significant contribution to the purification and characterization of transcription factors. Most recently we developed systematic oligonucleotide trapping, a method for purifying transcription factors to near homogeneity in a single step. Current experiments involve promoter trapping, a method which interfaces DNA-HPLC with proteomic techniques (MALDI-TOF and ESE-ion trap) to characterize the transcription complex of the c-jun promoter.
This work is supported by National Institutes of Health grant 1R01GM43609.