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Judith A. Walmsley, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus


Areas of Specialization

» Biomolecular structure
» Inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry
» Nucleotide structures


Ph.D. in Chemistry; University of North Carolina
B.A. in Chemistry; Florida State University


Research Interests

Although I no longer have an active research laboratory, my recent research efforts have been directed at two rather different types of chemistry. One type is the synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes containing biologically active ligands. These have included various nucleotides, proflavine, and other nitrogen-containing heterocycles. Cytotoxicity studies have shown that several Pd(II) complexes of proflavine have better activity against certain breast cancer cell lines than cis-platin (Fig. 1). Other research in this area involves the synthesis of complex multinuclear metal species formed by the use of ligands capable of bridging between metal ions. (Fig. 2).


A second area is an investigation of the structure of the supramolecular species formed by guanosine 5'-monophosphate in aqueous solution in the presence of Na+, K+, or Rb+. The 5'-GMP forms cyclic tetramers held together by hydrogen bonds between the guanine bases with the cations located in the central cavity of the tetramers. Stacking of the tetramers leads to very large columnar structures whose exact structures are still only partially understood. NMR and CD spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy are used to characterize the structure.



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