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Current Members

Gyu Leem - Research Scientist

Postdoctoral: University of Florida
PhD: University of Houston
BS: Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Research Focus: design and synthesize polymer assemblies for potential use as light-harvesting antenna

Rajendra Acharya - Postdoctoral Associate

PhD: University of Akron

Research Focus: OLED and OPV materials

Yun Huang - Doctoral Student

BSc: University of Science and Technology of China

Research Focus: Conjugate polyelectrolytes for the use of biosensor

Zhiliang Li - Doctoral Student

MSc: Tianjin University, China
BSc: Tianjin University, China

Research Focus:

Yajing Yang - Doctoral Student

BSc: Nankai University, China

Research Focus: Aggregation and quenching effects of conjugated polymers

Jason Zeman - Doctoral Student

BS: University of Iowa

Research Focus:

Yan Zhao - Doctoral Student

BS: Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Research Focus:

Ru He - Doctoral Student

MSc: Nanjing University of Science & Technology
BSc: Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Research Focus:

Anh Nguyen - Undergraduate Student

Research Focus: Polyelectrolyte LBL self-assembly, polychromophore-catalyst assembly for the use of dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cell