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arrow Interaction of Enzymes with Carbon Nanotubes


Latest paper Proteins tend to adsorb at surfaces. However, the conformation and biological activity of the adsorbed material depends on the surface, the protein, and the adsorption conditions. We are very interested in understanding how the nanoenvironment provided by certain materials affects the structure and activity of enzymes such as D-amino acid oxidase, glucose oxidase, and catalase.











arrow Real-Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry


Latest paper With the support of a grant from the NIH, we recently purchased a Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (Woollam). In order to follow the adsorption process in real-time we have modified the liquid cell and developed a procedure to characterize the flow parameters. Read more...


Latest paper We have also developed a very simple strategy to improve the sensitivity of ellipsometric measurements. Read more...












arrow Biocompatibility of Surfaces in Microfluidic Devices


Latest paper The objective of the proposed research endeavor is to establish the conditions that minimize conformational changes in proteins when interacting with the surface of nanostructured materials (grain size less than 100 nm). This project is the result of a collaboration with Dr. Bizios (BME-UTSA). Read more...

















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