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Microchips are one of the most promising analytical platforms due to the great advantages with respect to conventional bench-top equipment. Microfluidic devices are able to offer custom design, high throughput, sensitivity, selectivity and portability. In order to achieve a real point-of-care measurement device, simple instrumentation has to be integrated to drive the injection and separation.


Electrochemical detection (ECD) methods have been widely applied for the detection of bio-compounds because they are less susceptible to decreases in signal magnitude during miniaturization and are already portable and inexpensive.


For these reasons, we are very interested in studying the design, operation and biological applications of microchips and capillary electrophoresis. In addition, we are also interested in the rational design of biosensors.


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News News!

Latest paper 08/14: Congrats to Beth for getting the Best Poster Award (Chemistry and Biochemistry) in the 2014 College of Sciences Research Conference and to Samir for obtaining the 2014 Judy Walmsley Award in Chemical Research.

Latest paper 08/14: Our review "Implications of Protein Adsorption for the Development of Biosensors" has been accepted in Anal. Chim. Acta.

Latest paper 08/14: New manuscripts describing the effect of potential on the adsorption of glucose oxidase, a simple way to fabricate uPADs by stamping, and the advantages of integrating nanoparticles to paper-based microfluidic devices have been accepted for publication!

Latest paper 06/14: Congratulations to Samir and Beth for receiving the 2014-2015 College of Science USAA Foundation Scholarship and the College of Science Presidential Scholarship. Beth also received the UTSA Alumni Association Scholarship!

Latest paper 06/14: Congratulations to M.S. Saba A. Iyoob, who recently graduated from the lab!.

Latest paper 06/14: Samir's latest paper explores the potential of block copolymers as substrates for biosensors.

Latest paper 05/14: Dr. Garcia received the 2014 Faculty Service to Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Award

Latest paper 02/14: Our collaboration with Brazil was recognized in the 2014 Issue of Discovery




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