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1News from the Microanalytical Chemistry Lab


October 2014
We have the best group!

Congratulations to Samir and Beth for obtaining teh USAA Scholarship, the UTSA Presidential Scholarship, the 2014 Judith Walmsley Award in Chemistry, and the Best Chemistry Poster in the COS Research Conference.


October 2014
Our lab on TV

Our lab was featured on an Interview done at UTSA by Time Warnert Cable. Check out the video!


October 2014
UT System Research Conference

Congratulations to Valerie, who took 2nd place in the conference. Without a question, a well-deserved award!




July 2014
Top 25 articles

Our paper on microfluidic assembly was among 2013's Top 25 most read Analytical Methods articles!


July 2014
KSAT12 News

Watch our interview with April Molina discussing the Plastics Scorecard.


April 2014
RCMI Presentation

Watch a video discussing the importance of nanomaterials for research.


May 2014
KSAT12 News

Watch our interview with April Molina discussing the implications of using BPA in plastics.


December 2013
College of Sciences - Awards

CDG received the COS Award for Advancing Globalization. Many thanks to all the people that made ours one of the most diverse labs at UTSA! Check the map!


May 2013
President's Distinguished Award

CDG received the 2013 President's Distinguished Award for Advancing Globalization. Click here to get more information...


October 2012
College of Sciences - Research Conference

Congratulations to Samir, who received the award for Best Student Poster Presentation in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Category. Keep working hard! Read more about the conference...


November 2012
Judy Walmsley Award

Congratulations to Jess for receiving the first ever Judith Walmsley Award for Research in Chemistry!


June 2012
Trip to Spain

Many thanks to Arben Mercoci and Alberto Escarpa for their hospitality during the trip to Spain. We had a wonderful time and we hope we can do some research together very soon! Special thanks to Alberto for the friendship (and the Gin tonics!).


Teaching in China

CDG traveled to Beijing to teach the course "Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences and Bionanotechnology" at the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences... it's been a life-changing experience. Thanks to Yongsheng for the invitation and to everyone who participated!


December 2011
17th LACE in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Many thanks to Norberto, Bruce, Marina, and all those that contributed to LACE this year. Once again, we had a phenomenal meeting, with a very strong scientific program, and lots of social activities!


December 2011
Pure glamour!

Jess is featured in several brochures for the university. It is always good to be on the correct news!


November 2011
Visit to Florida International University

Once again, thanks a lot for the great time I spent at FIU... specially Dr. McCord who even took me sailing!


October 2011
Fer's first paper from JPL featured in C&E News!

They described a single four-layer microfluidic device capable of performing automated end-to-end analyses of amino acids by microchip capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection. This is the first demonstration of a completely automated end-to-end ?CE analyses on a single, fully integrated microfluidic device. Read the feature article here and the full paper here.



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