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This section is dedicated to those who spent some time in the lab. Your contributions are really appreciated

We have been lucky enough to work with people from many different places. Check this map to see the locations





aDaniela Martinez
Visiting scholar, UANL, Mexico

Daniela visited us for almost a year and worked on the characterization of a catalyst to perform controlled oxidation of phenolic compounds. She is now back in Mexico finishing her PhD degree. It was apleasure to have you here again!


aValerie Cano
LSAMP Program

Valerie worked with us during the summer of 2014. She and Jeremy did most of the work related to a new microarray. We hope to publish those results very soon and have her in the lab as a graduate student. It has been a pleasure to have her at UTSA!

Saba Arif Iyoob
Graduate Student, MS Program

Saba worked in several projects involving sensors, surfaces and arrays. Besides becoming the master of the 3D microscope, she did an incredible job with the students. We will miss her a lot!

Group Picture
June 2014

kgKarina Gonzales
Undergraduate student

Karina made great progress with our OTCE project. We hope to see you soon again in the lab!


tfTyler Freeman
Undergraduate student


Tyler worked on the modification of electrodes with nanoparticles and showed great potential for research.


rRhianna Velasques
MBRS Fellow

Rhianna worked in the lab for almost a year. After a little bit of soul-searching, she decided to make a drastic career change. We will miss you!!!


eMatt Gordon

Matt worked on the development of several projects including the microfabless devices and liposomes. We look forward to have you in the lab!


JessEllen Flavia Moreira Gabriel
Vising Scholar, UFG-Brazil

Ellen visited the lab in 2013 as a visiting researcher and worked in 3 different projects dealing with microfluidics. We will miss her a lot!!!!


g Grazielle Setti (MS)
Visiting Scholar, Univ. S do Campinas, Brazil

Grazi worked with us on the development of SERS substrates for biosensing applications. We hope to have her back as soon as possible!


JessDr. Jessica L. Felhofer
Research Associate

Jessica joined the lab in 2006 as an undergraduate student and defended her thesis in Dec 2012. Then, Jessica stayed in the lab for another semester to finish some projects and help us with the grants. She will be missed!!!!


Group Picture
June 2013


Dr. Fabiane Caxico
Postdoctoral Fellow

Fabiane came from Maceio, Brazil and worked in the lab for a year. She developed a new way to integrate electrochemical detection to microfluidic devices. We will definitively miss her!


Eric T. da Costa
Visiting Scholar

Pop visited us from the University of Sao Paulo and worked in the development of a simple method to pump solutions in microfluidic devices. Please come back soon!


Dr. Adelphe Mfuh
Research Associate

Adelphe finished his PhD in Chemistry with Dr. Negrete and stayed in the lab during one semester to help us with the synthesis of a library of protein analogs. We will report those results very soon...


aDaniela Martinez
Visiting scholar, UANL, Mexico

Daniela visited us for one semester and worked on the characterization of a catalyst to perform controlled oxidation of phenolic compounds. She is now back in Mexico finishing her MS degree. We hope to have her back !!!


aSarah Alharthi (MS)
Graduate Student, MS Program

Sarah joined the lab for her MS degree. She was the first person in the lab to work with optically transparent carbon electrodes. She defended her thesis and is now heading to Oklahoma State University to complete her PhD in Chemistry. We'll miss her a lot!


Thiaginho Segato
Postdoctoral Fellow

Thiago joined the lab during 2012 and worked on the detection of ions by C4D using the 5-squared platform. He did an incredible job and we look forward to have him back in the lab as soon as possible.

Karin Chumbimuni Torres
Research Associate

Karin joined the lab to investigate the adsorption of proteins to nanostructured materials. She has recently accepted a tenure-track position in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Central Florida.


aJonathan Roman Valdez Camacho
Visiting Student - Univ of Morelos, NL

Jonathan visited the lab in the summer of 2012 as a first attempt to develop more formal collaborations with the UMNL. We hope to see him again very soon!







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