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arrow2 Office and Lab Space
Dr Garcia's office is located in the first floor of BSE (BSE 1.104L) and occupies an area of about 100 sq. feet. The PI's laboratory occupies 1000 sp. ft. in the top floor of the new BSE Building (BSE 4.208). The PI also occupies one office in the same building (BSE 4.204) with an area of 150 sq. feet that is completely dedicated to students.


The BSE building is one of the newest buildings on-campus.











arrow2 Instrumentation in our Lab (BSE 4.208)


Latest paper 3D Optical microscope (Olympus DSX-500)

Latest paper Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (Woollam)

Latest paper Capillary Electrophoresis (PACE/MDQ Beckman Coulter) with UV detection

Latest paper IS400 Engraver (Gravograph)

Latest paper High voltage power supply (for microchip applications)(2)

Latest paper CHI812 potentiostat with PC and software

Latest paper Inspection microscope with digital camera and software

Latest paper Rotary engraver (Gravograph)

Latest paper Laser cutter (Epilog Mini)


Latest paper Digital hot plates (VWR)
Latest paper Light Source (OAI)

Latest paper Plasma cleaner/oxidizer
Latest paper WS-400B-6NPP-Lite Spin Processor (Laurel Technologies)

Latest paper pHmeter (Orion)

Latest paper Analytical balance (Metler-Toledo)

Latest paper 2 6-feet hoods & 2 4-feet hoods

Latest paper General laboratory instrumentation (pipettes, ovens, UV-Vis spec, etc)

Latest paper 6 additional computers (with Internet connection) are also available for data analysis


Latest paper Please follow these guidelines to use/preserve the resources in the lab








arrow2 Instrumentation in other labs

Latest paper Digital hot plates (VWR)
Latest paper WS-400B-6NPP-Lite Spin Processor (Laurel Technologies)
Latest paper Profilometer (Sloan Dektak IIA)

Latest paper Porosimeter

Latest paper AFM (Agilent)

Latest paper FTIR

Latest paper Microscopes

Latest paper Contact angle measurement tool


Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Laboratory:

Latest paper JEM-ARM200F (with a resolution of 0.8 A

Latest paper SEM Hitachi 5500 with Ultra high resolution 4 A with STEM mode and a Si drift detector for EDS analysis

Latest paper 2010 TEM with a resolution of 1.2 A with microdiffraction facilities

Latest paper Raman Horiba-Jobin microscope for SERS and Raman images

Latest paper Multimode VEECO SPM –AFM systems

Latest paper Optical microscopes with digital camera and sample preparation equipment







arrow2 Other Facilities

Latest paper The Department of Chemistry provides access to the use of a wide variety of modern instrumentation. Please see the complete list in this link.

Latest paper The University also provides access to a large number of journals and books though the John Peace Library, which is located 3 minutes away from the lab.





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