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South Texas Analytical Chemistry Center (STACC)

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Rates

The UTSA Chemistry Department has three Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers and two Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectrometers. These instruments are available in BSE 0.110 (Magnet Lab) for use by faculty, their research staff, UTSA students, and others by prior arrangement.

NMR instrument usage is charged with either per-sample or hourly rates. Minimum charges are for one sample or for 30 minutes of machine time, whichever is less. Any instrument time over 30 minutes is charged at the instrument rate (see below). Per-sample rates for non-UTSA departmental users include the price of one disposable NMR tube, sample prep, 0.75 ml of common deuterated solvent (basic rate solvents are CDCl3 and D2O, 99.8% deuterated), basic shimming, up to 30 minutes of machine time, and a printed spectrum.

NMR sample tubes are available on premises for purchase. Basic machine time is also available, either for user-supplied consumables or for standard samples requiring over 30 minutes of machine time.

The quoted rates do not include spectral analysis. UTSA departmental usage rates do not include consumable items.


Notice: Rates are subject to revision without notice. These charges are current as of May 25, 2011.


Basic Sample Rates



Non-UTSA Academic

UTSA Departmental

Mercury 300 MHz




Inova 500 MHz





NMR Machine Time

Machine time is charged in 15-minute intervals, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.



Non-UTSA Academic

UTSA Departmental

Mercury 300 MHz

$96 /hour

$68 /hour

$10.80 /hour

Inova 500 MHz

$120 /hour

$85 /hour

13.85 /hour


5mm NMR Sample Tubes



Non-UTSA Academic

UTSA Departmental





Standard 300 MHz




Premium 300 MHz




Premium 500 MHz





Additional Charges

There is a one time charge for account setup, which includes private file space, a login ID and password, data backup services, one hour of Machine Training, and arrangement for external secure internet access. An acceptable and current photo ID must be provided when the account is established. All persons who will use this instrumentation must be approved by the department.



Non-UTSA Academic

UTSA Departmental

Account Setup




Machine Training

$120 /hour

$86 /hour

$19 /hour

Sample Disposal 1




Per Sample Tuning




Shimming 2

$40 /hour

$28 /hour

$14.75 /hour

Burning Data CD




VT above RT 3




VT below RT 4