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Facilitated Access to Scientific Training (FAST)
A scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics; it includes additional training to prepare students for careers in science.

Generating Educational Excellence in Math and Science (GE²MS) / UTeachSA
A collaborative effort between UTSA's College of Sciences (COS) and College of Education and Human Development (COEHD), these teaching preparation programs provide undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a STEM degree and become a high school math or science teacher. - GE²MS - UTeachSA

A partnership between UTEP, UTSA, and New Mexico State University to provide students with opportunities to conduct scientific and engineering research related to making our world more sustainable in regards to green energy, clean water, and with improved food safety.

Maximizing Access to Research Careers - Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (MARC-U*STAR)
A research training program that assists underrepresented undergraduates gain quality research experience and training to prepare them for doctoral education in the biomedical, behavioral, and chemical sciences.

Noyce Scholarship
A scholarship program that provides two years of support to students who have transferred from a community college to UTSA and plan on pursuing a career as science or math teachers in high needs school districts.

Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE)
A research training and support program designed to increase the number of students from groups underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral research who complete Ph.D. degree programs in these fields. - RISE Undergraduate Program - RISE PhD Program

Retaining Emerging Alamo College Talent in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (REACT-STEM)
A scholarship program that provides financial support and facilitates community college student transfer and transition to UTSA, while promoting academic excellence and STEM career development.

Sloan Program for Exceptional Mentoring (PEM)
A doctoral support program whose activities are designed to assist with the transition into doctoral training and to expose doctoral trainees to additional professional development activities and career path information.

Teaching and Research in Environmental Ecology (TREE) / Educating Youth in Ecology (EYE)
A model to integrate mentoring between community entities to promote and enhance career development for underrepresented minorities in agriculture and natural resources.

UTSA Rising Researchers Program and Award (RR)
A research training and support program designed for first semester freshmen to provide an introduction to laboratory research and aid in a successful transition into College Life.

Work Study Research Training Program (WSRTP)
A research training program that allows work-study-eligible undergraduates to be paid for performing research in a UTSA research laboratory.


LSAMP-CIMA Summer Program for Alamo Community College Students
A 10-week summer research program held on the UTSA main campus that allows Alamo Community College students to gain hands-on research experience in biology, chemistry, computer science, geological science, physics, and psychology projects.

UTSA COS Summer Research Experience
A 10-week summer research program held on the UTSA main campus that exposes students to cutting edge resources, expertise, and training in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI)
A research support program that enhances UTSA's research capabilities through the development of research core facilities and faculty research projects.

Support of Competitive Research (SCORE)
A research support program that assists eligible UTSA faculty with research grants to develop their biomedical and behavioral research capabilities.


Educating Youth in Environmental Science (EYES)
An K-5 educational outreach program that presents a series of lessons in conservation and natural resources to fifth graders.

Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus) and Milkweed (Asclepiadaceae) in Texas
A research project funded by the Texas State Comptroller Office to create a comprehensive report on the current status of native milkweeds for a large swath of Texas and determine which milkweed host plants are preferred by monarch butterflies.

Texas Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF)
A state science fair that brings together the winners of regional science fairs from across Texas. Students showcase their research projects, competing for top honors and the chance to represent Texas and their hometowns in the International Science and Engineering Fair.