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Policies & Fees

RCMI Protein Biomarkers Core Fees

Data Collection and Analysis

  • LC/MS/MS w/CID and MASCOT DB Searching - $100 each (LTQ-Velos-Orbitrap-Elite)
  • LC/MS/MS w/HCD and MASCOT DB Searching - $100 each (LTQ-Velos-Orbitrap-Elite)
  • LC/MS/MS w/ETD and MASCOT DB Searching - $100 each (LTQ)
  • HRMS w/ molecular mass (and formula) determination - $50 each

Additional Analysis

  • Consultation - 1st hour free, then $200/hour
  • Ingenuity Pathways Report - $100 each

The Protein Biomarkers Core charges the above prices for each service we provide. Except in cases of instrument or procedural error, every sample we run will be charged the listed service charge whether the desired/expected result is observed or not. Service charges help to cover the costs of staff salary, consumables used, mass spectrometer calibrants and qc solutions, instrument maintenance contracts, and building space costs (i.e, electricity, etc.).

Core Acknowledgments

All scientific reports or abstracts of work that include data acquired using core resources must acknowledge that their work was supported in part by