Zeiss 510
Zeiss 510 Meta Confocal

7 lasers:

  • Diode 405nm at 25mW
  • Tunable Argon 458/477/488/514nm
  • Helium-Neon 543nm
  • Helium-Neon 633nm
  • 2 Photomultiplier tubes (PMT)
  • 32-channel Meta spectral detector
    (polychromatic detector, 3rd PMT)

Axioplan upright WF fluorescence microscope:

  • 5X Plan-Apochromat/0.16 NA with DIC
  • 10X Plan-Neo/0.3 NA with DIC
  • 20X Plan-Apo/0.75 NA with DIC
  • 40X Plan-Neo/1.3 NA Oil with DIC
  • 63X Plan-Apo/1.4 NA Oil with DIC
  • 100X Plan-Apo 1.4 NA Oil with DIC


Zeiss 710
Zeiss 710 Live 2P System

5 lasers:

  • Diode 405nm
  • Tunable Argon 458/477/488/514nm
  • Helium-Neon 561nm
  • Helium-Neon 633nm
  • Chameleon Ultra II Ti:Sa

Quasar Detection System
Incubation Chamber

Upright WF fluorescence microscope:

  • 10X 0.3 NA with DIC
  • 20X 0.8 NA with DIC
  • 40X 1.3 NA Oil with DIC
  • 40X 1.2 Water with DIC
  • 63X 1.4 NA Oil with DIC


Imaris 3D Interactive Analysis Software

User Support Services

Our core provides the following services:

  • Access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for bright-field, confocal and multi-photon imaging of:
    • Fixed cells/thin tissue sections
    • Live cells through time under temp/CO2 controlled environment (up to 34 channels)
    • Live (or fixed), intact explanted tissues/organs (>1mm depth of imaging depending on tissue/sample type)
  • Education and training in the use of core instrumentation for all faculty, staff and students
  • Access to, and training in, the most up-to-date computational tools for image processing and analysis (in partnership with RCMI Computational Systems Biology Core)