X Forwarding on Windows

With Xming and PuTTY, you will be able to access gui based programs running on the cluster from your Windows machine.

Software Tools


Installation Steps

Download and install Xming from the link above and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, you'll find Xming in the Start Menu.



Running Xlaunch will let you configure certain options, such as whether to run multiple windows or full screen, and set the display number. Best to stick with the defaults, but remember the display number, this is used by PuTTY later on.



Finally then select "Start no client" and continue. Xming will now be running in the background and you will find its icon in the notification area on the task bar.



Download and install PuTTY from the link above and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, start PuTTY.

Note that Xming must be running before connecting to the server. From the PuTTY configuration, enter in the hostname, and port is the default 22. You can also save this session configuration for easy future use.



Next go to the following category: Connection -> SSH -> X11. Enable X11 forwarding and enter in X display location localhost:X, where X is the display number set when starting Xming. Leave the rest as is.



Go back to Session and click Open. You'll be asked for your username and password. After you enter it, you are connected and have a running shell on the server. Now you can start any graphical program and have its interface run remotely.
Note: 3D functionality will not work.


X Forwarding is an older protocol that was built when networks were physically small and located in the same building. We do not guarantee that X Forwarding will work.