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Accessing Windows Server via Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a feature of Windows and can be found in the Start Menu in Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection. Launch the program and click on the Options button to expand the available options. Enter in the full domain name of the server you need to access in the Computer field followed by your username. Your username must be in the form of: CBI.UTSA.EDU\username

Now you have the ability to have the program save this information by selecting "Allow me to save credentials," as well as saving the connections settings as a RDP file that works like a shortcut to the program with the relevant bits already saved. The rest of the options are fine as is.

When working within a Remote Desktop session, you will be presented with a full windows desktop on the server. Please note that browsing the web is forbidden while on the server. Also, do not save files on the desktop or in the My Documents folder within the remote desktop session. The D: drive is available for those who need it as a temporary work location. Remember to copy your work back to your home directory before logging out.

A nice feature of Remote Desktop is that it will keep your session active if you close out the Remote Desktop program without logging out or if you lose your network connection. This means if you log back in, your session (i.e. running programs) will still be there. Though please note, it is good to completely close all programs and log out completely every now and then instead of leaving an always running session.

The Remote Desktop ability is available on campus only. Also note that the Remote Desktop ability is only for authorized users that have made arrangements for this special case.