LSR-IIClick for configuration
  • Benchtop four-laser BD LSR-II with the ability to acquire up to 18 colors and analyze >20,000 events per second, providing an efficient acquisition of 1-20 million cells in a volume of 60 ul per minute.
  • This instrument provides non-sorting applications with high sensitivity and specificity due to the presence of lasers that improve signal-to-noise ratios
  • The configuration of lasers and dichroic filters in the LSR-II allows for 13 different settings to capture fluorochromes and related reagents, including Q-dots and BD Horizon dyes, based on similar excitation and emission spectra.
  • In addition to the standard analysis of samples by forward/side scatters, this cytometer allows the detection of multiple fluorochromes at a time on the surface or within cells (including the detection of reagents that label DNA).
  • With the multiple lasers, detectors and fluorochrome options, the LSR-II will provide a wide variety of applications to analyze several markers in the same sample.
ImageStreamX-Imaging Flow Cytometer-ISX-MKIIClick for configuration
  • 4-laser 12-channel Amnis ImageStream X imaging flow cytometer, provides the capabilities of the LSR-II but adds the ability to simultaneously visualize individual cells microscopically.
  • The specific localization of markers of interest within the cell can be quantified and monitored over time and compared among samples.
  • This equipment allows investigators to capture detailed multispectral images of cells at rates of up to 5,000 cells a minute using 10 fluorescent channels and two bright field channels.
  • By combining conventional flow cytometry and the functional insights of microscopy, this system allows the study of novel pathways such as internalization, co-localization and translocation in intracellular assays.
  • The system is equipped with a 96-well auto-sampler to allow for high-throughput sample processing and screening assays.
  • The myriad of applications with this instrument include microscopic observations as well as quantitative imaging that would be time consuming and laborious using standard microscopy.
  • By studying large numbers of cells or sub-cellular localization of markers, the imaging flow cytometer will provide an extensive range of novel applications.
FACS-ARIA Cell SorterClick for configuration

Equipped with four lasers, this instrument has the ability to detect 18 colors in a similar configuration to the LSR-II. To support research applications using human samples and samples that carry known pathogens or replication-defective retroviruses, the Core will provide access to sorting and cell analysis under a biosafety cabinet.

data analysis
Data Analysis

Complementing available instrumentation, the Core will house two dedicated workstations for data analyses, available to investigators for training with standard flow cytometry software including FlowJo, ImageJ, and IDEAS, used to analyze ImageStream data. This resource will free up equipment when large numbers of samples need to be analyzed upon acquisition.

FlowJo is a user friendly software with an integrated environment for viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data. The environment is presented as the workspace in which users load samples, and gates are easily generated together with statistical analyses and the generation of tabular and graphical layouts.

The IDEAS software offers familiar tools for creating histograms and scatter plots. Within this software, every dot on a scatter plot links directly to a cell’s image providing a virtual sorting capability. With this software the user can analyze images for any gated population defined according to the experimental needs.

User Support Services

Our core provides the following services:

  • Setting up and maintaining all Core cytometers and instrument
  • Instrument training
  • Assist users in the incorporation of Flow cytometry applications to research needs
  • Technical support for flow cytometry applications
  • Consultation on projects, data interpretation and analysis for manuscripts/grant proposals