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User Policies

  1. Complete the IDC orientation and sign the user agreement form.
  2. Must be trained and certified, and signed off by the IDC laboratory Director or Manager before operating independently.
  3. Must follow the IDC Flow cytometry procedures.
  4. Bring a completed sample submission form including sample safety and billing information to the core with your samples. LSR-II, Sorter and Image flow (ISX) sample forms may be downloaded from the IDC schedule page.
  5. Clean up the working area after finish.
  6. Report any abnormality to the IDC lab manager immediately.

Data Storage Policies

After each experiment, data will be saved to the server and each user is responsible for backing up their own data. After three (3) months, data will be deleted from the local computers.

The server can be accessed from any computer on campus as follows:

  • Open my computer
  • Click map network drive
  • In the folder field, type \\\idcserver
  • Click connect using different credentials
  • Click finish
  • Enter your CBI domain name\your CBI username (i.e., CBI.UTSA.EDU\your username) and password (your original password)
  • After you have saved your data, right click on the idcserver drive and disconnect