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  • Booking information must include the user's name and the name of principal investigator
  • Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours prior to scheduled time
    A no show fee will be charged equivalent to one hour for the reserved instrument
» LSR-II Flow Cytometer Reservations

Click here to create your own reservation to use the LSR-II Flow cytometer.

» FACS-ARIA and Imaging Flow Cytometry Reservations

Click here to view the schedule for the Sorter FACS-ARIA and Imaging Flow cytometry.
Email to make arrangements for your experiment.

Sample Submission Forms

The following forms contain sample source and biosafety information. They also includes billing account information. A validated sample submission form must be signed off by your principal investigator or authorized personnel responsible for the account.