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2010 RCMI Symposium

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December 6-9, 2010

2010 RCMI Symposium
"Bridging the Gap between Disparity and Equity: New Minds – New Methods"

Over 600 people attended the 12th RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities that convened in Nashville, TN on December 6-9, 2010. This symposium allowed RCMI institutions and their participants an opportunity to share research information in areas related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, cancer, women’s health, mental health, infectious disease, stroke, and behavioral and social health.

Click here for the list of UTSA participants whose abstracts were presented at the Symposium.


 Dr. Will Haskins, Rekha Raghunathan, Manjushree Bangalore Anjanappa, Vidya Pericherla
Dr. Lorenzo Brancaleon, Raquel Shrager, Dr. Colleen Witt, Dr. Matthew Gdovin,
Dr. Terri Krakower, Dr. Thomas Forsthuber, Dr. Andrew Tsin


Abstracts Presented at the Symposium

Manjushree Bangalore Anjanappa
Bharat Bhushan
Dr. Thomas Forsthuber
Dr. Matthew Gdovin
Dr. William Haskins
Avinash Jadhav
Dr. Daifeng Jiang
Gerardo Mendoza
Kalpana Parvathaneni
Vidya Pericherla
Rekha Raghunathan
Dr. Kay Robbins
Catherine Salfiti
Darshit Shah
Dr. Thankham Sunil
Eileen Vidro
Zhiwei Wang
Dr. Michelle Zhang

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