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2012 UTSA COS Research Conference

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October 5, 2012

RCMI at the UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference

UTSA's RCMI program was a gold sponsor at the 2012 UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference "Collaborative Basic & Translational Research in the Sciences" held on Friday, October 5, 2012 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The External Advisory Chair for UTSA's RCMI program, Dr. Jose Torres-Ruiz, Research Dean and Director of Graduate Studies at the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, attended the conference and gave an opening speech.

In addition to literature and a video providing information about the program's core facilities and research projects, the RCMI exhibit featured an interactive model of the Nanotechnology & Human Health Core's JEOL transmission electron microscope (JEM-ARM200F) with actual images from the microscope.


Drs. Perry, Frederick, Torres-Ruiz, and Tsin   
  Drs. Perry and Torres-Ruiz

Wesley Cuellar, Christella Robledo, Mieko Johnson, Ivan Trejo
Christella Robledo, Dr. Perry
Christella Robledo, Alma Morales
Christella Robledo, Dr. Torres-Ruiz, Mieko Johnson
Drs. Forsthuber, Torres-Ruiz, and Arulanandam
Garry Castellanos
Rowdy, Dr. Torres-Ruiz
Rowdy, Dr. Arulanandam
Dr. Perry
Dr. Garcia
Dr. Renthal    
Drs. Arulanandam, Perry, Tsin, and Decristoforo
Drs. Wilson and Perry


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