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December 10-13, 2012

2012 RCMI Symposium
"Translating Science to Better Health: The Power of Diversity and Multicultural Engagement"

The 13th RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 10-13, 2012. In attendance were 30 UTSA faculty and staff; 38 UTSA poster presentations were featured.

The UTSA RCMI program sponsored a booth that included an interactive model of the Nanotechnology and Human Health Core's JEOL transmission electron microscope (JEM-ARM200F) with actual images from the microscope. The booth also featured a display of the Biophotonics Core's laser scanning (confocal) microscope - the Zeiss LSM 710.

Click here for the list of UTSA participants whose abstracts were presented at the symposium.


Dr. Andrew Tsin; Dr. Jose Torres-Ruiz

Mieko Johnson; Kai Kamaka;
Christella Robledo

Dr. Janakiram Seshu;
Dr. Bernard Arulanandam

Dr. Floyd Wormley, Jr.

Braxton Jamison

Itay Raphael

Dr. Will Haskins; Dr. Stephan Bach

Dr. Will Haskins; Dr. Dong Liang

Dr. Thankam Sunil

Dr. Thankam Sunil; Dr. Julio Jimenez;
Dr. Elda Castro

Mieko Johnson; Dr. Andrew Tsin

Christella Robledo; Dr. George Perry;
Dr. Bernard Arulanandam

Dr. Sidney McNairy Jr.;
Christella Robledo

Christella Robledo;
Dr. Richard Yanagihara


Dr. Sidney McNairy Jr.;
Mieko Johnson

Abstracts Presented at the Symposium