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October 10, 2013

The Science of Quantics Exhibit in McAllen, TX

Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman, Core Leader of UTSA's RCMI Nanotechnology and Human Health Core facility, and well-known sculptor Sebastián collaborated on the Science of Quantics exhibit - a display of the visual comparison of artistic and scientific work showing the character of the art of science. The exhibit opened on October 10, 2013 at McAllen's International Museum of Art & Science.


Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman; Dr. Floyd Wormley; Christella Robledo; Sebastián

Gaby Jones; Juan Carlos Suarez

Kevin Graham

Kirk Clark

Dr. Floyd Wormley, Jr.

Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman


Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman; Sebastián

Sebastián; Kirk Clark; Juan Carlos Suarez; Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman

Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman; Ben Martinez; Sebastián; Kirk Clark; Dr. Floyd Wormley, Jr.